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Make the most of your summer break to start 2023 off with capacity classes

Chantelle Bruinsma of Studio Evolution.
Chantelle Bruinsma of Studio Evolution.

The summer break for studio owners is always such a long-awaited release. You know that once summer holidays begin, you have finished the end-of-year concert, awards nights, your last classes for the year and earnt some well-deserved family time.

It is also a time many studio owners don’t use effectively, as come two weeks before the start of the new term you can be left scrambling for enrolments and nervous about confirming your new timetable. It is a place we have all been before, and here, I will be sharing some tips so you can make the most of your summer break and get your enrolments buzzing for the new year.

Tip #1: Prepare for the new year before you close the previous one.

For returning students, ensure they are registered and booked into their classes nice and early before you close for the summer break. For new enrolments, ensure you map out your social media and promotion schedule for the summer – preferably to run on autopilot! The more you can plan and schedule now (marketing emails, social media content and paid ads), the easier you will find the transition into the new year.

Tip #2: Really take time during the summer to unwind and reflect on the year that has been.

When I say unwind, I mean unplug… from it all! Carve out a few weeks in your summer break to really be present with your loved ones and not take one look at your inbox or social media profiles. You will feel so invigorated for doing so, and a little trick I always put in place is uninstalling my apps such as Trello, Asana, Slack and Facebook from my phone. It’s always hard to recharge when you have one foot still in the studio door. So, jump out and take this time to focus on yourself and recharge those batteries. 

Tip #3: Take part in a planning ritual that will set up your intentions and goals for 2023.

If there are things you want to say goodbye to from 2022, write a list and burn it or look at making peace with how you will do things differently next year. Get your goals down on paper for 2023, and think about what support you will need to get there. If you want 100 new students or to start paying yourself more next year, think about what it will take to achieve this, including the kinds of resources or mentorship you need to get there. It may be time to do things differently. Be sure to also consider how you want this next year to feel. Being intentional about how you want to ‘be’ during the year can have the biggest impact on you and those around you.

I hope these tips will help you heading into your summer break, and if you are to focus on just one, I would recommend focusing on Tip #1 and getting your enrollment strategy completely dialled in. 

That is why I have created The 6 Week Marketing Plan, a dedicated marketing resource for studio owners to help them fill their classes to capacity. The time to download and put this resource into action is now. And the best part? It’s completely free! Download your copy here.

As part of our 6 Week Marketing Plan training, we are also offering complimentary 1:1 calls with our Community Coaches. They work with hundreds of studio owners just like you and can quickly review your situation and share what’s working for fast-growing studios. You can book your complimentary call once you have downloaded your 6-Week Marketing Plan here

The Home Team and I are so excited for you to get the most out of your summer break and have your enrolments humming for 2023. With our help, you will not only have your new year marketing all mapped out but will receive a call to help bring your plan together and have your entire promotional calendar scheduled with ease. Jump to the 6-Week Marketing Plan here.

Now that is a reason to say Happy New Year!

By Chantelle Bruinsma of Studio Evolution.

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