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‘Deejay x Dancer’: Nick Power brings a Bronx block party vibe to the Sydney Opera House

Nick Power's 'Deejay x Dancer'. Photo by Jordan Munns.

Sydney Opera House, Sydney.
18 August 2022.

Sydney-based B-Boy dance producer and choreographer Nick Power continues his love affair with hip Hop’s dance roots. In Deejay x Dancer, Powers strips hip hop dance of its showbiz and hi tech frills and pays homage to where it all began in the Bronx block parties with just a DJ and street dancers who were determined to conquer the world.

In Deejay x Dancer, the immediacy of street dance is highlighted by taking the dance off the stage and onto the dance floor and with the DJ using all the colours of the rainbow, as he kept the audience enthralled with his stant hand movements mauves and blues, seeking out various colours that would allow the audience to be enticed and begging for more. All in all, it was superbly ingenious, with no one wanting to leave, bewitched and wanting more, the moving finger colours of the Rainbow to keep the dancers on the same level as the audience which encircled and watched and cajole the performers. This enables a sense of participatory dance even though the trio of dancers Demi Sorono, Jackson Garcia and Anastasios Repousi proved to be spellbinding and unnervingly challenging in her moves. No matter how participatory it felt, there was only one brave female who did her own moves with some loud applause from the audience. It was all in good fun, and everyone seemed to be in fine form at the Studio at the Opera.

By Elizabeth Ashley of Dance Informa. 

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