Campbelltown Arts Centre presents Martin del Amo’s ‘Mirage’ as part of Sydney Festival

'Mirage' by Martin del Amo.
'Mirage' by Martin del Amo.

Campbelltown Arts Centre (C-A-C) is proud to present Mirage by acclaimed choreographer and dancer Martin del Amo to run 7 – 15 January as part of Sydney Festival 2022. The dance work will be performed by del Amo and dance artist Miranda Wheen, and will be set to a powerful score to be performed live by pianist Sonya Lifschitz and the all-female Enigma string quartet. 

Inspired by the enigmatic optical phenomenon, Mirage is a new full-length dance work, which conjures a shimmering world that oscillates between expectation and unpredictability. Fusing dance with striking visual design and a mesmerising musical score, the work creates a multidimensional reality, in which nothing is what it seems. Boundaries are constantly blurred and renegotiated – between memory and dreams, fantasy and illusion, what was and what is going to be. 

Queering identity expectations and challenging prevalent notions of reality, Mirage is designed as a ‘shared solo’ performed by both del Amo and Wheen. The work is a compelling cross- artform collaboration that weaves an intricate tapestry of dance, design and music, offering audiences an unusually immersive viewing experience. 

Commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre’s contemporary dance program, Mirage has been conceived by del Amo in collaboration with Wheen. The piece is set to the music composition Piano and String Quartet by acclaimed American avant-garde composer Morton Feldman, played live by Sydney pianist Sonya Lifschitz alongside the all-female Enigma Quartet. It is the first time that del Amo has performed in a full-length dance work in almost a decade. 

Martin del Amo says the work continues his ongoing interest in blurring of realities in dance: ‘Memory is a fascinating topic and this work subtlety questions that theme: asking what really is, what you think it will be and how that sits in the now. This theme has been inspired in part by my own experiences of the aging process: when memories start to blur, as we simply have more memories to navigate. How the brain works to influence memories, how an event that is further away can seem much closer than recent happenings. It’s a variation on a theme that I have explored in previous works, but doing so in a very new way with a powerful trio of artists, and live performance by our wonderful string quartet, which is a really exciting combination.’

Martin del Amo’s Mirage will be presented from 7 – 15 January 2022, as part of Sydney Festival. For more information, visit c-a-c.com.au

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