Dean Walsh’s ‘Infinite Item’ in Sydney Fringe digital season

'Infinite Item'. Photo by Heidrun Löhr.
'Infinite Item'. Photo by Heidrun Löhr.

Dean Walsh’s contemporary performance work, Infinite Item, had a final stage development and broadcast sharing of it in the middle of COVID last year at the national choreographic research centre Critical Path, and this year the show is being presented in partnership with The Sydney Fringe and Riverside Theatres in Australia, and Stockholm Fringe. The Sydney Fringe “Essence of Fringe” digital season has just started with Infinite Item running for a one-week season from Monday 20 September.

The work powerfully communicates, through visceral dexterity, some of the pressing and increasing concerns around marine environmental pollution and what we, as individuals and community, may do to mitigate them. Over the past 10 years, Walsh’s practice has been heavily influenced by marine environmental science. Infinite Item grew from a performed installation work called “Plasticities” commissioned by Performance Space’s inaugural “Day For Night” in 2014, seven years ago.   

For more information on Dean Walsh’s Infinite Item, visit www.weirdnest.com/infinite-item. For more on Sydney Fringe, head to sydneyfringe.com/events/infinite-item.

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