Timomatic hosts virtual dance session to spread hope amongst Australians during lockdown


To support all Aussies during lockdown, Timomatic is hosting his first-ever live virtual dance session on Tuesday, 27 July at 8:30am (AEST) as part of the Unstoppable.org movement, an initiative designed to provide hope and inspire all Australians to spread positivity and keep pushing forward no matter what.

A collaboration between Lifeline ACT, Kulture Break and multi-platinum performer Timomatic, Unstoppable.org is a “different kind of” mental health initiative which aims to inspire hope, build resilience and encourage connection across communities through the universal language of dance. It’s a way of letting go of anxiety and feeling empowered even during the toughest times.

Timomatic Unstoppable

As part of the initiative, Timomatic penned an original anthem called ‘Power’ and choreographed simple dance moves to encourage the whole nation to learn and join in. By then sharing their dance experience on social media using the #Unstoppableorg hashtag, everyone involved would pass on that moment of feeling Unstoppable – a feeling needed by so many during extended lockdown and isolation.

“Unstoppable.org is an expression of the mindset,” said Timomatic. “It’s a decision that every day, when you wake up, you are going to energise yourself and those around you to keep going. We all need to feel unstoppable, particularly during tough times, and spread that message so it doesn’t get lost in the noise of everyday life.”

To register for the dance session or learn more about Unstoppable.org, visit www.unstoppable.org.

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