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The Perfect Ad Template for studio owners this new year

Studio Expansion's 'Perfect Ad Template'.
Studio Expansion's 'Perfect Ad Template'.

I have seen the conversation shift recently for many studio owners. Many are flipping the switch and focusing on their 2021 enrolments and converting their untapped leads.

Right now is not only the golden time to secure your re-enrolments for 2021 but to roll out a clear marketing campaign that will achieve what many studio owners dream of… reaching capacity!

If you can roll up your sleeves and lean in heavily within the weeks prior to your first week of 2021 lessons, your enrolment results will be outstanding.

Here, I am going to share with you exactly what I have provided to my Studio Evolution clients so they can exceed their 2021 enrolments with ease. It is called The Perfect Ad Template. (For our Evolutionaries, you know how powerful this is.)

Studio Expansion's 'Perfect Ad Template'.

The Perfect Ad Template is a simple yet effective marketing template hundreds of studio owners have used to achieve outstanding results. This simple yet highly effective template can be instantly plugged into your studio marketing and can be used straight away on social media or via email to enrol those much needed students.

The best part is The Perfect Ad Template is 100 percent free! After seeing the results our private clients have had, I know it will do wonders for you in this season.

You can download a copy of The Perfect Ad Template here.

Once you access The Perfect Ad Template, I have a special video on a little exercise you can do and also provide you a great example.

Once you download The Perfect Ad Template, you will also have the chance to join our free Live Mentoring Sessions with Studio Expansion and get direct feedback on your completed Ad. Or if 1:1 calls are more you cup of tea, you can secure a Momentum Meeting with one of our highly trained Studio Strategists by clicking here.

You can access The Perfect Ad Template here.

By Chantelle Bruinsma of Studio Expansion.

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