Rowena and Joel Rasmussen bring us ‘Closing Miss Rosie’s’

Tiana Lung in 'Closing Miss Rosie's'.
Tiana Lung in 'Closing Miss Rosie's'.

Rowena Rasmussen, film director and choreographer, and husband Joel Rasmussen, urban choreographer and emerging cinematographer, have created a short dance film as a comment on the effect COVID has had on the dance industry. The film, Closing Miss Rosie’s, was recently posted and has already had an incredible response. 

Shiloh Electric Rasmussen and Angelique Cassimatis in 'Closing Miss Rosie's.
Shiloh Electric Rasmussen and Angelique Cassimatis in ‘Closing Miss Rosie’s.

“This year has been hard for all who work in the arts,” Rowena says. “I know collectively, we all feel it when any part of our industry is bleeding out. So many dance studios closing, so many shows shut down, live music venues still facing imminent closure and so much more.”

She continues, “What I didn’t expect was how affected I was every time I heard about a dance studio closing. I have vivid memories of my years at my dance studio. I remember how much I loved dancing and how it made me feel. 2020 has been rough. Joel and I made this film for our fellow dancers, for the dance studios who’ve made it through so far, but most especially for those that didn’t.”

Shiloh Electric Rasmussen in 'Closing Miss Rosie's'.
Shiloh Electric Rasmussen in ‘Closing Miss Rosie’s’.

Rowena notes that all but one person in the crew for Closing Miss Rosie’s are or were dancers, making it a special project for all involved. The film features Tiana Lung as Mia, Shiloh Electric Rasmussen as Young Mia and Angelique Cassimatis as Miss Rosie. 

You can view Closing Miss Rosie’s on Vimeo. For more information on Rowena and Joel Rasmussen, visit www.jtown.com.au.

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