Dance film project ‘Everything Gone’ premieres

'Everything Gone'.
'Everything Gone'.

Everything Gone, a dance film project that is part of ongoing Australian dance series Deep End, premiered over the weekend via Film Shortage. The film was created by award-winning director/composer Emily Dynes and acclaimed choreographer Sian Kelly. It features performers such as Zoee Marsh, Tarik Frimpong, Freya List, Jayden Hicks and Trevor Santos. 

Behind the scenes of 'Everything Gone'. Photo by Annabel Clayton.
Behind the scenes of ‘Everything Gone’. Photo by Annabel Clayton.

Filmed across the state of Victoria in between Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdowns, Everything Gone is an exploration of different forms of longing, and how we fill the void of what it is we’re yearning for. The film uses movement and original music to traverse the intersection of isolated intimacy and trauma. 

'Everything Gone'.
‘Everything Gone’.

Each of the 12 vignettes highlights a unique response and coping mechanism to our collective feeling of loss during this time – whether we’re glued to the news, pouring our energy into caring for another, over-exercising, relying on routine or numbing ourselves of anything at all. 

Created with all female heads of department, Everything Gone is directed, edited and composed by Dynes, choreographed by Kelly, produced and cast by Annabel Clayton, and shot by cinematographer Hannah Sinagra. 

You can view Everything is Gone here. For more information on Deep End, visit www.emilydynes.com/deep-end.  

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