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Dancers’ New Year’s resolutions for 2017

Co3's Andrew Searle in Raewyn Hill's 'the cry'. Photo by Stefan Gosatti
Co3's Andrew Searle in Raewyn Hill's 'the cry'. Photo by Stefan Gosatti.

It’s that time of year – when goals, hopes and dreams for the coming months begin to stir and inspire. Here, Dance Informa asks some leading dancers about their New Year’s resolutions and how they plan to start off 2017 on the best (pointed) foot.

West Australian Ballet's Carina Roberts as Clara in 'The Nutcracker'. Photo by Sergey Pevnev

West Australian Ballet’s Carina Roberts as Clara in ‘The Nutcracker’. Photo by Sergey Pevnev.

Carina Roberts, corps de ballet, West Australian Ballet

“In 2017, I’m going to say ‘yes’ to new adventures and go with whatever life throws at me! I plan on starting the new year celebrating my beautiful friend’s wedding. What a way to bring in 2017.”

Lisa Edwards, soloist, Queensland Ballet

“New Year’s is always a good time for reflection, but I think it’s important to know that every year is different. There will be good times, hard times and challenging times. It’s how you handle those times and what you learn from them that is important. For me, for 2017 I’d like to make more time to stop and cherish all the little moments. Whether it be spending time with loved ones, taking more photos, sharing special occasions and doing things I love (like baking!).

Queensland Ballet Soloist Lisa Edwards as Queen of the Wilis in 'Giselle'. Photo by David Kelly

Queensland Ballet Soloist Lisa Edwards as Queen of the Wilis in ‘Giselle’. Photo by David Kelly.

As dancers, we have a pretty busy schedule, so I like to be super organised! I get my calendar filled out with shows, events and study I have coming up so I can work out where I can create more down time. I also put in little goals I’d like to achieve along the way. It’s very satisfying being able to tick off achievements.

I’ll also be teaching at Queensland Ballet’s Summer School in January 2017. Something I’ve done for the past few years. It’s quite lovely to start the year inspiring dance students and helping them get their dance journey off to a good start.”

Talia Fidra, Queensland Ballet Academy 

“My New Year’s resolution is to start fresh and be positive and healthy. I hope to further continue my technique training and develop as an artist this year.”

Talia Fidra. Photo by Move Photography

Talia Fidra. Photo by Move Photography.

Andrew Searle, dancer, Co3 

“In 2017, I aim to further my dance practice by working with a range of different choreographers and dancers within Australia and overseas. I have worked in the industry for four years and continue to gain huge amounts from every professional experience. I will begin 2017 in New Zealand on secondment with NZDC but will return to Australia in February to continue working on a collaborative project between Co3 and TheFARM – ‘Frank Enstein’ to be performed as part of Bleach Festival 2017 and toured to WA. I am really looking forward to 2017 and am honoured to be part of the dance industry in Australia.”

Felicity Bott, artistic director, Tasdance

“My New Year’s resolution for Tasdance is to make and perform powerful new dance that is inspirational and meaningful for everyone connected to what we do –for our dancers, our audiences, and all of the choreographers and outstanding artists-in-residence who work with us throughout the year done here in Tassie. We are a nimble and innovative regional professional contemporary dance company, and 2017 is going to hold many great new moves by us.”

Felicity Bott and Tasdance company dancer Joshua Thomson in 'Dark Mofo'. Photo by Nicholas Higgins

Felicity Bott and Tasdance company dancer Joshua Thomson in ‘Dark Mofo’. Photo by Nicholas Higgins.

Brooke Lockett, artist and Philanthropy Ambassador with The Australian Ballet

“My New Year’s resolutions are to see, create and be involved in more art, more dinner parties and quality time with the people I love, and say yes to opportunities that push me outside of my comfort zone. I’ll be at the beach so will start my year in my happiest place with a swim in the ocean – refreshed, inspired and excited about the endless possibilities in the year ahead. I have a really good feeling about 2017 and some huge things happening in my life. I guess it will all unfold as it should.”

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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