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You take class, you practice hard, you learn the choreography, you stretch, you rehearse, you perform, you ice your injuries, put bandages on your toes, you eat, you sleep. Repeat. And while you do this, the rest of the world keeps turning, moving, perhaps even dancing. But did you ever stop to think what it is that you do and what other people actually think about dance? Dance Informa takes to the streets, the trains, the malls, and the studios and asks Why Do People Dance?

“To achieve a sense of satisfaction. For laughs and stuff like that. Enjoyment.” -Georgia, 21. Social work student.

“Because it is part of your whole life. Movements where you get together with other people of the opposite sex. And also, to enjoy life, because you know it is not only just to work, get up in the morning, go to work, get home. You have to have a break.” -Fernando, 69. From Brazil. Ex Soccer player for Australia, fitter and turner.

“They enjoy it. And it’s good exercise. And ah a lot probably do it for the social interaction.” -Des, 50. Victoria.

“To celebrate first of all. And to enjoy, to relax, that’s the main motive to dance.” -Tinder. From Pakistan, IT student.

“I dunno, to make my friends laugh cos I am not a very good dancer.” -Madison, 20. Jazz music student.

“Freedom. Yeah. Being able to express. Feeling of yeah! Cultures coming together I think, people can relate as a community with dance. It’s tribal.” -Mary Jane, 20’s. Uni student.

“Expression. You don’t have to think. Move. Just fluency. Enjoyment. Passion.” -Daniel, 20’s. Uni student.

“I dance because I like it and I find it fun to do. But other people may dance because like they’ve got something to do with dance, like a job or something. Or they might just enjoy dance as well.” -Clare, 10. Dance student.

“Sometimes to express your feelings to other people. And um, also because they have a job because they enjoy it so much. The main reason most people dance is to express feelings of different things.” -Jess, 10. Dance student.

“People dance ‘cause they enjoy it, for fun and to like express themselves to others. For fitness and because being part of a team is fun.” -Skyla, 16. Dance student.

“When they are happy.” – Shukti, 30’s. Teacher.

“I don’t dance, with lessons or whatever. But to get away. Escape from reality.” -Lyndel, 16. Student.

“To express their emotions other than through speaking and talking. I have done it since I was little, and it is what I’ve grown up with.” -Holly, 13. Dance student.

“People dance to show emotions.” -Frank, 40’s. Engineer.

“To be able to show how they feel through the body. I really enjoy it. I enjoy that it makes me feel free.” -Renee, 15. Dance student.

“To make them happy. Yes, and to make other people happy.” -Carolyn, 60’s. Grandma.

“People dance for entertainment, and it also helps with your bodybuilding if you want to become strong or flexible. I dance because its fun for me, and it also helps me do lots of sports.” -Poppy, 11. Dance Student.

“And sometimes it’s cultural, it’s part of your culture.” -Simon, 60’s. Aged Care worker.

“Maybe a way to express themselves, like I’ve heard of this girl who dances because she stuttered and she didn’t want um, talk a lot, so she thought she would choose dancing as her talking.” -Jamila, 10. Dance Student.

Why do you dance? Tell us in the comments below:

By Tamara Searle of Dance Informa. 

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