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What is Dance?

What is dance?

You take class, you practice hard, you learn the choreography, you stretch, you rehearse, you perform, you ice your injuries, put bandages on your toes, you eat, you sleep. Repeat. And while you do this, the rest of the world keeps turning, moving, perhaps even dancing. But did you ever stop to think what it is that you do and what other people actually think about dance? Dance Informa’s Tamara Searle takes to the streets, the trains, the malls, and the studios and asks, What is Dance?

“To me that’s beautiful, like, that’s some type of music with movements being put together, with different face expressions, and different arms and legs depending on the music.” Jessica. 10. Dance Student.

“When a group of people come together to jump around together at the same time.” –Cassie. 16. Geelong.

“Dance is like, I dunno, nightclubs, my daughter does ballet. It’s good for people’s bodies.” –Roger. Train conductor. Melbourne.

“Jazz, ah, rock, classical – like Cha Cha and stuff like that. Tap. Oh, and um, clogging. My brother does clogging.” –Stephen Robinson. 45. Ford Falcon Car enthusiast.

“The soul expressed in music.” –Jennifer. Mother. Brighton.

“It is movement of the body.” –Alison. 30’s. Receptionist. Richmond.

“You are asking the wrong person, I’ve got two left feet and I can’t dance. Movement to a beat?” –John. 65. Train Conductor. Melbourne.

“Um I think it is just kind of simple movements by people to be fun, to get happy.” –Susan. 20. IGA supermarket clerk.

“That is a big question. Movement of the body for a particular reason.” –Georgia. 21. Social Work student.

“Maybe like, emotive expression through movement.” –Madison 20. Jazz music student.

“Well, I was born in South America where dance, music it is just about everything. We can’t live without music, dance, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha. I’m from Brazil, I come here to play soccer. I play for eight years, before your time. And then, I went to immigration department in Sydney because I was too old to go to Europe to play soccer. So they give me ok to immigrate to Australia, I work as a fitter and turner. I’ve been in Australia for many years. Dance is expression where you can revive yourself. You know? Revive yourself. And also, that made the life more easier. You know what I mean?” –Fernando. 69. From Brazil. Ex Soccer player for Australia, fitter and turner.

“A form of physical activity that many people use as a hobby.” –Mark from Lara. 20’s. Studying carpentry.

“Teh…um…er, movements in time with music.” –Elijah. 14. Skateboarder.

“I wouldn’t say I am an expert on dance so maybe I am not the person to ask. Dancing is enjoyable recreation, that’s how I assess it.” –Des. 50. Cycling enthusiast. Victoria.

“Dance. It is a way of expression, express your feelings. That’s the meaning of dance for me. How you express your feelings, how you express your inner things. That’s the dance for me.” –Tinder. From Pakistan. IT student.

“What is dance? Um, a feeling of freedom, you know, I guess, expression, cultures coming together I think, people can relate as a community with dance. It’s tribal.” –Mary Jane. 20’s. Uni student.

“I think dance is a way to express your feelings. I think it is also something to do, like for fun and also for enjoyment.” –Clare. 10. Dance Student.

“Freedom of speech. Keep it simple.” –Daniel. 20’s. Uni student.

What is dance to you? Tell us in the comments below:

By Tamara Searle of Dance Informa.

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