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Jayden Hicks hitting the mark

By Rebecca Martin of Dance Informa.

Dance Informa’s very own cover superstar Jayden Hicks’ future continues to brighten with a Green Room Awards’ nomination for his performance in Collaboration The Project’s Yours Truly. Melbourne-based Jayden has trained in all styles of dance and not only performs in various productions with different companies and projects but he also teaches, choreographs, directs and produces.

Still only a young dancer, Jayden is showing the dance world there is nothing he can’t do, and he’s only just getting started. Here, he chats with Dance Informa about his recent nomination and what’s next for him in his career.

Congratulations on your Green Room Award nomination. How does it feel to be recognised in such a way for your performances and talent?

Melbourne dancer Jayden Hicks

Jayden Hicks. Photo courtesy of Jayden Hicks.

“As exciting as it is for me to personally be recognised, it is so exciting for the contemporary jazz scene to get some recognition. I completely believe in the works of these choreographers and receiving this nomination just reassures me that there is a future for contemporary jazz dancers and companies in Australia. But it is a completely humbling feeling to have a panel think my work is worthy of this nomination – beyond words.”

You were nominated for your role in Collaboration The Project’s Yours Truly, but you were also involved in a lot of other works in 2013. Tell us what you’ve been up to… 

“2013 was a huge year. I had the chance to work with Michael Ralph in his first independent work Now and Then. I also had the chance to work with Adrian Ricks on Sins. I worked with some great choreographers throughout the year for both Underground and Immersed Dance Industry Nights, and to round off the year, I stepped in as Artistic Director for The Space Full Time Course to create the Graduation Performance.

What does 2014 have in store for you?

“I’m currently working as a dancer on a development with choreographer Kim Adam and photographer Andrew Follows, titled Fire and Ice. I find the best opportunities pop up last minute so I’m excited to see what comes my way.”

Melbourne dancer Jayden Hicks

Jayden Hicks in Collaboration The Project’s ‘Yours Truly.’ Photo by Belinda Strodder.

You have trained in all styles of dance and have done everything from pole dancing to classical ballet.  Do you have preferred styles of dance to perform/teach/watch?

“One of my favorite things about dance is that you can train in any style and then find a way to relate that back to your own work. Lyrical is a style that I have found a love for over the last few years, but I am constantly developing and trying new things.”

You have also created a number of works for other dancers in addition to your regular teaching. Would you rather be creating or performing?

“I really enjoy developing concepts and movement, and creating is something I see myself doing more in the future, but at the age I am I would much prefer to be performing. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given to create my own work over the last few years, but on stage myself is where I want to be.”

You’re well on your way to conquering Australia… any plans to test out the overseas dance market?

“Every year I tell myself, ‘This is the year to see what overseas has to offer,’ but I haven’t felt convinced enough to venture out. Hopefully in the near future the timing will feel right.”

The Green Room Awards are Melbourne’s premier arts awards. This year’s ceremony will be held at the Comedy Theatre on April 28th. For more information and tickets visit

Photo (top): Jayden Hicks, left, in Collaboration The Project’s Yours Truly. Photo by Belinda Strodder.

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