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By Rebecca Martin.

We’ve all been there – hours spent in a studio with a photographer only to get the proofs back and discover a bunch of shots capturing your bent knee, flexed foot and worst angle, or a video of your performance all shot from the side that shoots your awesome 5 pirouettes from the waist up.  It is with great relief and excitement that dancers everywhere can now turn to BOOM media nationwide for their dance photos and videos.  Created by dancers, for dancers, we can now just focus on dancing our best!

Created by director and choreographer Paul Malek, BOOM media doesn’t only provide expert filming and still photography for dancers, the company can also take care of your graphic design needs.  Brilliant!  Both Malek and BOOM believe in filming dance in a way that respects the artistic vision of the choreographer, director, and dancers.  On top of that, BOOM’s experienced dancers can provide promotional design, branding, photo shoots, DVD production and video editing.

Dance Informa picked the brains of creative genius, Paul Malek and here’s what he had to say about BOOM media…

BOOM media directors Paul Malek and Chris Curran

A media company by dancers for dancers is genius. What inspired you to create Boom media?
We wanted to find an avenue where we could help the dance industry grow by offering dancers an alternative career in the industry they are passionate about. After all, as dancers we spend quite a lot of time in between jobs. We saw a gap in the market for a dance specific media business and leapt on it. To our knowledge nothing like this exists anywhere else.

We wanted to provide a fresh, young and innovative alternative to the media options for dance. We were tired of getting concert DVDs back from videographers that missed choreography, cut to inappropriate close-ups and generally didn’t capture what happened on stage. As dancers and theatre makers we shed so much blood, sweat and tears creating these performances, and we really feel they need to be captured with the same respect and passion.

We have a simple philosophy: film dance in a way that respects the artistic vision of the choreographer, director and dancers. We are passionate about dance, and really believe that dance should look the best it can.

Was it difficult finding dancers who were skilled enough to help run the company?
Surprisingly not. There are a lot of dancers out there with degrees and certificates in design and photography, it was just a matter of finding them. We also provide training and intern opportunities to dancers that have a natural talent. We then nurture that talent and help them build the skills they need to have an alternative career in the industry they’re passionate about.

Tell us about the crew at Boom media.
The Boom directors are Chris Curran and myself – we both have vast performance, production and media experience. Chris heads up the design and marketing team, whilst I head up the digital capture and editing teams.

Our current designers include:
Hayley Andrews – she has been a dancer and performer all her life, and has designed for many of the full time institutions and dance business around Australia.
Samantha Merckel – a qualified graphic designer who is also training full time at Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance.
Ollie Reading – trainee designer and social media manager who is also a full-time dance student.
Our photography and videography team is also filled with experienced dancers including: Sean Higgins, Shannon Penver, Freya List, Jack May and Rob McLean.
Tim Frazer and Lauree Malek provide office and production assistance, and the team is still growing.

What are the benefits for dancers in having dancers take care of their media?
They completely understand what dancers’ and dance businesses’ needs are. Dancers get the audience they are marketing to and know how to get their attention. They are passionate about their industry and as performers respect the choreography and strive to capture it the best it can be.

Do you have any special deals on at the moment to share with Dance Informa readers?
We have a special offer for Dance School video promos for Dance Informa readers. These video promos are very popular at the moment and are very useful in promoting your school, course or production. They are usually $500, but we’re offering them for $300 to Dance Informa readers. We take your concert footage and edit together a 1-2 minute dynamic web ready video promo for use online or on your website. Each promo includes an amazing animated logo sting at no extra cost.

To find out more about Boom media visit www.fordancersbydancers.com.au

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