Emerging Artist Petra Szabo

Petra Caroline Szabo is an emerging artist from the South Australian arts community. She is a young, aspiring dancer, singer, actress, writer and photographer who enjoys challenging herself and gaining insight into the arts community abroad.

In January 2012 Petra was awarded a sponsorship from Christian Dance Fellowship of Australia to venture to Sydney as an emerging performing artist/choreographer and present her first professional work in a dance showcase called Platform Shorts. This was the first development of a dance theatre work she has called Retroforward. It was a collaboration with a fellow dance student Alicia Min Harvie, National Coordinator of CDFA.

Petra’s second development involved a larger company of dancers, actors and live musicians and was a part of the Adelaide College of the Arts, BA in Dance Performance’s curriculum and the Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2012. It was performed as part of a showcase called Rip Drag Ruminate, which was a selection of dance works, each by the third year dancers of AC Arts. Industry leaders, such as Timothy Sexton from the State Opera of South Australia noted that “the choreography was very efficient” and that he “loved the use of live musicians”.

In the second half of this year Petra is planning to make Retroforward into a dance film, working with fellow AC Arts student Jessie Martinovic, from the visual arts department. Jessie, also a pianist, will be working with musicians Peter Tuske, Andras Tuske and Harry Covill. Working together, Harry Covill and Peter Tuske will produce the score.

Petra says that the style of the film has been “inspired by dance artists Pina Bausch and Tanja Liedtke, and visual artists Salvador Dali and Andy Goldsworthy. The movie 500 Days of Summer is also an inspiration.”

Petra’s film has already been invited by the Hungarian Arts Community to tour in each state of Australia. She also plans to send this video to rural communities throughout Australia to promote dance culture and to European and American arts festivals.

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