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Dance Quiz – Australian Choreography

By Rain Francis

1. Who choreographed the Australian production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies?

a) Graeme Murphy
b) Tim Harbour
c) Jerry Mitchell
d) David McAllister

2. In 2011, who won the Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography?

a) Stephen Page
b) Luke George
c) Stephen Agisilaou
d) Rafael Bonachela

3. Garry Stewart is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of which Australian dance company?

a) The Australian Ballet
b) Dancenorth
c) Expressions
d) Australian Dance Theatre

4. Which choreographer does NOT have a work in The Australian Ballet’s 2012 production of Infinity?

a) Leigh Warren
b) Gideon Obarzanek
c) Graeme Murphy
d) Stephen Page

5. A fusion of which two dance styles best describes the work of Bangarra Dance Theatre?

a) ballet and hip hop
b) ballet and contemporary
c) contemporary and Indigenous Australian
d) Indigenous Australian and hip hop

6. Which of the following is NOT a work by Gideon Obarzanek for Chunky Move?

a) Glow
b) Mortal Engine
c) Human Interest Story
d) Connected

7. Australian Dance Theatre and Leigh Warren and Dancers are both based in which Australian city?

a) Melbourne
b) Adelaide
c) Sydney
d) Perth

8. Which work did Tim Harbour choreograph for the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School in 2011?

a) Carmen and Jose
b) The Story of Clara
c) Halcyon
d) Songs of Light

9. Which work by Phillip Adams for BalletLab featured in the 2011 Melbourne Festival?

a) Aviary
b) Miracle
c) Amplification
d) Origami

10. Who is the current Artistic Director of Queensland Ballet?

a) Raewyn Hill
b) Natalie Weir
c) Li Cunxin
d) Francois Klaus

1 – a, 2 – d, 3 – d, 4 – a, 5 – c, 6 – c, 7 – b, 8 – a, 9 – a, 10 – d.

Photo: Australian choreographers Graeme Murphy, Gideon Obarzanek and Stephen Page with Lana Jones of The Australian Ballet. Photo by Georges Antoni for The Australia Ballet’s Infinity programme.

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