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New Year’s Resolutions

Hear from your favourite dance artists and be inspired for 2012!

By Deborah Searle. 

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Do you make goals for yourself at the start of a new year, in the hope of becoming a better dancer, choreographer, or teacher? Even the industry’s most renowned dance artists set new goals for the new year.  Dance Informa spoke to the industry’s dance stars to find out their plans for 2012.

Madeleine Eastoe with Kevin Jackson. Photo Georges Antoni

Madeleine Eastoe
Principal dancer, The Australian Ballet  

“My New Year’s resolutions are to do all those stretches and exercises I put off until later because they hurt, to eat less chocolate and drink less coffee (like that will happen!),  and to make realistic resolutions for the future!

My aspirations for 2012 are to be partnered by Kevin Jackson wherever possible and remain injury free, so I can enjoy all my performances and rehearsals leading up to them. I guess I aspire to keep a high standard of dancing while being emotionally and artistically challenged. I also plan to enjoy my wonderful family life, because I’m blessed to have this career as well as the love and support of my husband and daughter.”

Marko Panzic

Marko Panzic
Dancer, Choreographer, Producer

“My theme for 2012 is all about LEARNING! My goal and resolution for 2012, is to learn new things and develop new skills in the world of entertainment. 2012 marks the first year which I will be producing a dance show in Sydney. I am excited for 2012 and excited to grow and learn more and more in different fields in the Dance world. Another secret resolution is to work with Beyonce at some point. I’m working towards it! Hehe “

To learn more about the show Marko’s producing in 2012 visit 

Paul Knobloch

Paul Knobloch
Company Dancer, Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet, San Francisco USA

“This New Year I will be joining Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet, moving from Australia to San Francisco and making my mark on the American dance scene. I guess my resolutions for the new year are much like my ultimate dance dreams:
To be the best dancer I can possibly be.
To give myself completely as an artist. 
To bring happiness, joy and inspiration to all I am blessed to dance for.
To learn, absorb and soak up as much knowledge available to me in order to inspire and share the gift of dance with others.
To inspire other people who have a love and passion for dance, and encourage them to reach for the stars in pursuit of their ultimate dreams.”

After eight years as a leading dancer with The Australian Ballet, Paul Knobloch then joined the renowned Béjart Ballet Lausanne in Switzerland. Now America is calling and Paul will join San Francisco’s Alonzo King LINES Ballet in 2012.

Sarah Boulter

Sarah Boulter
Renowned choreographer, Co-Director Ev & Bow

“My New Year’s resolution is to be more adventurous in every experience to expand the capacity of my imagination, creativity, friendships & choreography. My Goals are to push myself choreographically and share my work in many forums both within Australia and overseas. Lastly, to create more opportunities for contemporary dancers in Australia providing more performance and career opportunities!”

Kevin Jackson with Madeleine Eastoe. Photo Georges Antoni

Kevin Jackson
Principal dancer, The Australian Ballet  

“I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions, mainly ‘cause I don’t like disappointing myself when I don’t keep them! My resolution for the year to come will be to be a better lover, friend and family member to the people I love and care for. My aspirations for 2012 are to give Australian and overseas audiences great shows and to continue to develop and improve as an artist while working with The Australian Ballet.”

Erin Lamont

Erin Lamont
LA Based Choreographer and Creative Director

“My choreography and dance goals for this year include: choreographing a national commercial, my burlesque group ‘The Lalas’ to be in a residency at a resort/casino in Las Vegas (, and to work on a hit sitcom show choreographing a “spoof” scene for actors.  I LOVE working with non-dancers on comedic routines.  I always have such a blast! Other goals are to choreograph for another CSI episode.  I recently worked on CSI:NY and the experience was amazing.  As a dancer and choreographer I felt so appreciated and respected.  I also had a lot of artistic freedom in the scene which made for fun improvisation. Also, SYTYCD.  Need I say more? Lastly, I aim to work my agent to the bone and keep her so busy with all of my bookings. I just signed with The S Agency in L.A, and I am so excited for what lies ahead!”

LA based, Detroit born, Erin Lamont is an in demand choreographer with feature credits including The Video Game Awards with Neil Patrick Harris, Lady Gaga, Kevin Rudolph, Trace Adkins, Boys Like Girls, the Veronicas, CMT’s Your Chance to Dance, L.A Fashion Week, and ESPN. Erin tours internationally as a guest artist and choreographer and is also the producer and director of L.A’s hottest burlesque group, ‘The Lalas’.

Michele Assaf

Michèle Assaf
Artistic Director of World Dance Movement-The International Workshop

“To create more outlets nationally and internationally to educate dancers and support this community that has brought me a lifetime of joy.”

Robert Hoffman

Robert Hoffman
Step Up 2:The Streets, faculty of The PULSE On Tour

“To make ‘The Yes Dance’ into a movie… Grow as a person… And create a lot of smiles, wonderment, and laughter.”

Robert James Hoffman rose to fame as the lead male in Jon M. Chu’s urban dance drama ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’. He is a faculty member of The PULSE On Tour®, a powerful weekend dance event featuring the most renowned instructors, choreographers and educators of today.

Riannon McLean

Riannon McLean
Company dancer, Expressions Dance Company

“My New Year’s resolution is to always be honest and open about the artist I am and the goals I believe I can reach. My goals and aspirations are to keep gaining knowledge and experience both mentally and physically and to simply embrace this wonderful journey I am on!”

David Williams

David Williams
Company dancer, Expressions Dance Company

“My New Year’s Resolution is to get my Driver’s Licence. I’ve been on my L’s for 9 years! My goals and aspirations for 2012 are to be the strongest my mind and body have ever been….It’s time to conquer!!!”

Samantha Mitchell

Samantha Mitchell
Company dancer, Expressions Dance Company

“My New Year’s resolution is to broaden my horizons, attend a varied range of live theatre, challenge my cooking skills, get my sewing machine out more frequently, improve my keeping-in-touch skills with overseas friends, grow a herb garden… oh and perhaps learn a language!

My goal for 2012 is to develop a piece of choreography. When I was in my third year of training I dabbled a little in choreography, but haven’t revisited it since becoming a professional dancer. Now I’m in my fifth year of work, I want to experiment with some ideas. It’s a very exciting prospect, and I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Expressions Dance Company’s 2012 season kicks off in Brisbane with ‘Launch Pad 2012’ from Feb 21 – 25, and continues with ‘Scripsi Scriptum’ in March – a co-production with Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble from Switzerland. EDC will also tour to Melbourne in July to perform as part of The Australian Ballet’s ‘Lets Dance’ season and more performances and collaborations will be announced in the New Year – stay tuned. or

Top photo: © Tom Wang |



  1. Mike Barnes

    Jan 3, 2012 at 8:12 am

    Speaking of new year resolutions, if you are a dancer and feel a need for a new year resolution with a difference, why not participate in my anthropology research into ballet and dancers? It really is not difficult. All I want you to do is talk freely about your experiences as a dancer. In 2011 a few joined in, but I would welcome many more. Let’s make this a vibrant dancer’s blog that has many wanting to return time and time again, or simply subscribe by email.

  2. Chelsia

    Jan 12, 2012 at 7:33 am

    Marko I love your work!!! All the best for 2012.

  3. Samantha

    Jan 13, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    Thanks for the inspiration dance celebrities. My New Year goal is to become more like YOU!

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