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Elite Dancers Excel in QLD

Ten students from the Queensland Dance School of Excellence achieved OP Scores of 10 or under in 2009. This significant achievement is well worth celebrating considering the intensity of the dance course these students have just completed at Kelvin Grove State College. Selected students undertake rigorous dance training as well as academic studies over the course of two years and graduate with a Dance Diploma, Overall Position and Certificate of Education. The commitment required by these teenagers is enormous and their routine can see them engaged in training and academic classes for up to 10 hours a day on top of travel time. Since QDSE’s establishment in 1982, talented dance students have been able to pursue full-time dance training without forgoing their education, therefore providing them with broader outcomes and options for the future.

Mr Angus Lugsdin, the Co-ordinator of QDSE, said, “We are very proud of these students’ achievements at school (KGSC). Many of our students have excelled academically over the years including two former students achieving Dux on two separate occasions.” The ten students who achieved these high OP scores have gone on to further studies in both dance and non-dance related tertiary courses around Australia. Karley Spence (pictured) will be continuing her dance studies at WAAPA in 2010 after obtaining an OP 4.

Photo: Tom Baker

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