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Twisted Element – Ostara

Parade Theatres, Sydney
July 2011

By Dolce Fisher.

A new dance company has sprung up in Sydney called Twisted Element. In July the group of 13 dancers presented a work entitled Ostara.

A fictitious sci-fi themed story, Ostara was set in a distant world. The audience was introduced to Ostara’s ‘Queen Ti’ and its two tribes. The two tribes’ differences were represented in both movement and choice of costuming.

The story was generally easy to follow and interesting, but as I am not a sci-fi fan, I found my mind wandering at times. The theme was not something that an audience can easily identify with, so it made it difficult to find a personal link to the work.

The company has some talented, well trained dancers, but on the other hand some performers lacked strong lines and clean technique in the more demanding sections of choreography. These dancers need to concentrate more on the articulation of their feet as well as their use of plié and inner thigh muscles.

The costuming was well designed and the choreography showed much promise. As Twisted Element is a new company I am sure they will develop over time and find their feet. I look forward to watching them grow.

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