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Ev & Bow – Chapter 3

2010 Graduation Performance 

Parade Theatre NIDA, Sydney
November 19 2010

By Linda Badger.

Only three years into existence, Ev and Bow Fulltime Dance Training Centre is dancing strong, producing many well trained artists for the Australian and international contemporary dance industries. 

The highlight of the graduation performance was a rendition of the studio’s McDonald’s Performing Arts Challenge winning routine. Choreographed by co-director Sarah Boulter, ‘Furious Angels’ highlighted Boulter’s trademark explosive and all-consuming style, with, as always, a new twist.  Those who haven’t seen this number definitely missed out! The choreographing was brilliant, as well as the dancers.

Many of the dance industry’s finest choreographed pieces for the students, and overall it was an enjoyable night. Student Eden Petrovski has spent three full years in the course at Ev and Bow, and it has paid off.  She was a standout student on many levels. 

As it is with all fulltime schools, the students vary year to year and this year was no different.  The students, although very promising with obviously good contemporary training, seemed weaker in their classical technique than previous years, younger and a little less mature in their approach. Unfortunately Jason Winters’ challenging, but brilliant, choreography showcased this, and I felt that the students at times didn’t do his choreography justice.

The singing was a huge improvement on previous years, although a little pitchy at times. Monique Lerchner was beautiful in her solo ‘What I Did for Love’ from A Chorus Line.

Ev and Bow students are well known for their strength of attack, stamina and spirit, and on this level they did not disappoint.  It is always an extremely creative and unique show and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ev and Bow is doing a fine job of producing talented artists every year. I highly recommend that any young person wishing to pursue contemporary dance take a year (or 2) to be challenged under such a strong and wonderful teaching team.

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